Published by Basil Blackwell
ISBN 13: 978-1-910692-27-1

The Election A to ZFor his fifth general election book, Nicholas Jones presents a personal A-Z of election highlights and insights from fifty years of political reporting.

In his A-Z he draws on his experiences of reporting a dozen general elections. He offers a selection of untold stories and commentaries on political intrigues and changing political fortunes, from the Wilson and Callaghan era, through the Thatcher decade, the Premierships of John Major, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and on to the unprecedented post-war coalition government led by David Cameron.


From election battle buses to shadowy world of election fixers, from the pitfalls of campaigning to the highs and lows of an election results night, Jones reflects on fifty years’ of political unpredictability and the love-hate relationship between politicians and the media. Such has been the speculation in the lead-up to the 2015 general election – and the prospect of political fragmentation and another hung Parliament – Jones’ A-Z will offer a welcome perspective on momentous elections of the past, as witnessed during a lifetime of political reporting.